Award-Winning Artist Paul Frank Wagner 


1970       Born in Paris February 27.

1985      Introduction to Minimalism, Pop Art, and Conceptual Art in New York City.

              Paul meets Bernar Venet, Christo and Jeanne Claude, Arman and Cesar.

1989-93  University of Vermont

              First rope Installations and works using rope as main medium.                 

2005      NYU Broadway Windows Show, New York City, NY. USA

              Carl Solway Gallery “30 Ways to make a painting” - Cincinnati, USA shows

             with Alan McCollum, Nam June Paik, Keith Sonnier, Christo

              Installation at the Delano Hotel, Miami Beach, FL. USA 

2009      Exhibits at Scope Miami Beach, FL. USA 

2010       Art Basel Miami Beach first suspended installations at Wynwood Walls, FL. USA

2012       Installation “Waiting for the end of the World” - Dolomites, Italy

2013       Installation “Family Ties” - Wales, UK

              Installation “35 Knots to the East” - Istanbul, Turkey

              Installation “Life at the Dead Sea” - Amman, Jordan

              Installation“Over the Stairs” Sardinia, Italy 

2014      Installation “For the Animals of the Forest” - Sologne, France

             Installation “ Intersections” - Paris, France

             Installation “Homeward Bound” - Vietnam

             Installation “Re-Constructing History” - Malta

             Installation “Baliwood” - Bali, Indonesia

             Installation“Organically Grown” - Oman

2015     Installation “Fearless” - Wales, UK