Arte Povera 2.0



The creation of the installation is the dance the artist performs with the work as an ode to highlight the beauty of a unique environment. Just like a spider spins her web to capture its prey, the Artist captures the act of creation with his rope.



The drawings follow an open-ended exploration, this particular Gumballs series took the Artist over two years to refine. Its fine balance of color and movement was influenced by the aboriginal drawings of Australia. 


A performance is the creative journey that the artist shares with the spectator, sharing in the creative process. While each installation is unique, every performance is accompanied by sounds or music, adding an additional dimension to the piece.

The Creative Process


This is a two step process: first, a rope installation is suspended in perfect equilibrium within a unique environment. Just like a spider who spins her web to capture its prey, the artist is capturing the "act of creation" with his rope. The second part is taking it down, re-working the cut ropes and tying it back to the frame, transforming it into a permanent object.

My work has been strongly influenced by my introduction to Conceptual Art, Minimalism and Pop Art growing up at the center of the art scene in New York City in the 1980’s.
— Paul

Rope as a material.

Rope brings me back to the sea and my childhood with my Dad on his boat, connecting me to my roots.
— Paul




New Works

Untitled, 2019, Rope, Stones on wood.  Dim. 20cm x 20cm

Untitled, 2019, Rope, Stones on wood.

Dim. 20cm x 20cm

Kids workshops

As Pablo Picasso once said "every child is an artist" and there is a child inside each one of us. Paul has a natural affinity with children, speaking their language and guiding them through the creative process, which in turn has enriched his work. 



The great thing about working with kids is that they aren't afraid to try new things. Kids learn to share more than just materials and paint, but exchange ideas and build a collaborative work together.



Paul curated the Art Activities featured in The Kinder-Garden Project by Hoopla Education, a multidisciplinary curriculum centred around healthy eating and sustainability.



A group of kids working together to create a land art project and even though this a group project, they make it their own by using their thumbs to sign each stone..