Paul Frank Wagner is a French born Contemporary Artist based out of Northern Italy. Paul’s singular work is fruit of his extensive travels and exposure to modern and contemporay art in his youth, having grown up in NYC in the late 1970’s to 1980’s.

Paul’s use of rope as his first medium can be attributed to his life-long relationship with the ocean, which dates back to 1975, when his parents first brought him to St. Barth’s. He has visited the island many times and created his first installation in nature in 1991 using nylon ropes in the natural landscape of Washing Machine.

In 2013, with the birth of his youngest son, Paul extended his passion in Art to arts education, running contemporary art workshops around the world. During this time, his art practice was mainly focused on ink drawings and process driven works. He wrote Sticks & Stones during his stay in Sardinia, as a way to bring land art, and environmental awareness to children starting from age 3.

Today, Paul’s work is strongly influenced by his work with children. He uses sticks, stones, and rope in his most recent pieces.



2018 Farley’s Coffee Installation, San Francisco (CA) USA

Installation “ La vie en Rose” , Berkeley (CA) USA

2017 Launch of Sticks & Stones Art Curriculum, San Francisco (CA) USA

2016 Installation “Soleminis” Sardinia, Italy and author of “Sticks & Stones” Art Curriculum

2015     Installation “Fearless” Wales, UK

2014       Installation “For the Animals of the Forest” Sologne, France

              Installation “ Intersections” Paris, France

              Installation “Homeward Bound” Vietnam

              Installation “Re-Constructing History” Malta

              Installation “Baliwood” Bali, Indonesia

              Installation“Organically Grown” Oman

2013       Installation “Family Ties” Wales, UK

              Installation “35 Knots to the East” Istanbul, Turkey

              Installation “Life at the Dead Sea” Amman, Jordan

              Installation“Over the Stairs” Sardinia, Italy 

2012       Installation “Waiting for the end of the World” Dolomites, Italy

2010       Art Basel Miami Beach first suspended installations at Wynwood Walls, FL. USA

2009       Exhibits at Scope Miami Beach (FL) USA

2005     NYU Broadway Windows Show, New York City, NY. USA

              Carl Solway Gallery “30 Ways to make a painting” Cincinnati, USA show with Alan McCollum,

Nam June Paik, Keith Sonnier, Christo

              Installation at the Delano Hotel, Miami Beach (FL) USA

1991 First Installation, Washing Machine, St. Barths, FWI

1989-93  First works using rope as a medium, University of Vermont, USA

1970      Born in Paris February 27